Refund and Returns Policy

Refunds And Return Policy

All sales are final on PUBG Account Club and there are no return and refunds unless the item that is received is either sold out or it is a different account from what was described. If this is the case, you’ll be covered by Buyer Guarantee to get a refund. It’s a must to confirm order with our sales specialists before pay.

What does the price included? 

A PUBG Account + Lifetime 110% Security Guarantee + other games/resorce(if have) under this account 


Whenever account recovered by original owner, PUBG Account Club will cover it, by replace a new account ( Max 110% of the original purchase value) 


> Buyers report us evidence that account has been recovered, within 5 working days 

> PUBG Account Club will try to get it back,  within 7  working days 

> If fail, PUBG Account Club replace buyers an account (100-110% of the original purchase value)

Translation software may change the meaning of the content,  all terms and conditions are subject to the content expressed in English.


Do NOT change steam recharge area and recharge it by credit card at least in 3 months. Or it may cause a red ban. We will try to help you fix the red ban, but usually it doesn’t work and it’s not our responsibility to cover the loss.

Once a transaction has been completed, there are absolutely no refunds under any condition. By completing the transaction, you are agreeing to accept the item and finalizing the transaction.

We do not sale any items to minors age under 18. To place order means buyers promise that they are over 18 years old

To avoid a dispute, please check the full info of the warehouse carefuly.  If you have any questions about the list, contact us by live chat or by discord for additional information. Minor differences are not count as an different account.

Account has been Stolen, Ban are not within our aftersales gaurantee terms. Re-sale account, get a permanent ban or red VAC will lose the aftersales guarantee.

exemption situationS:

In any of the following circumstances, PUBG Account Club can refuse compensation:

   1. Loss of goods caused by administrative or judicial actions;

   2. Intentional or grossly negligent conduct by or on behalf of the buyer;

   3. The buyer or his representative transfers the purchased item to another person;

   4. The buyer’s behavior violates the trading rules or the rules of the game operator;

   5. Game operators change game content and game rules;

   6.  Players make mistakes in their own operations, resulting in the leakage of security information such as passwords;

   7. Game operator server crash; hacking;

   8. The information provided by buyer after 5 working days 

   9. The product information displayed when the user provides evidence is inconsistent with the product information at the time of the order transaction, and it cannot be proved that they belong to the same product

    10. Buyers suffer losses due to game provider’s accidents

    11. Buyer changed linked email, phone number

    12. Buyers threatened, abused, ridiculed, slandered, defamed, etc. to PUBG Account Club or its staff . We have reason to believe that it’s a fraudulent claim.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may includes

A buyer filing a charge back via payment processor after receiving their purchased item

A buyer filing a charge back via payment processor after rating and completing the purchase

Buyer has threatened, abused, ridiculed, slandered, defamed PUBG Account Club and its stuff etc

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently suspend the buyer’s account under the return policy. If the received item from a purchase is not according to the listing description, please open a dispute while the transaction is still ongoing.


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